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Mechanical Engineering Contracting; As a mechanical contracting company, we have been providing project and application services in this sector for 33 years. The project we finished with our core-trained masters is the start of a new project. Mechanical Commitment Tem Elektromekanik Taahhüt ve Mühendislik San Tic Ltd Şti company as business and shopping malls, hotels and touristic facilities, shops, hospitals, industrial facilities and smart buildings / residences. Ventilation, air conditioning, boiler room, stainless installations; We serve all Marmara weight. Mechanical Contracting firm. Mechanical commitment mechanical contracting works Mechanical Application Service There are companies of different sizes and properties in the mechanical industry. Our difference from other companies: – We have been in this industry for 35 years, – Raising the masters ourselves, – We have dealerships and get the materials from the factory to get price advantage, – The projects we have completed and those that are very experienced, – The facilities we provide in payments, – We serve with the right materials and the right workmanship. – Free technical support after work. – We have mechanical engineers and technicians, mechanical contracting

electrical contractors
electrical contractors
 mechanical contracting 
Mechanical Plumbing

Garden Irrigation Installation mechanical contracting firm

Dirty Water Installation mechanical contracting firm

Hot Water Installations mechanical contracting firm

Cold Water Drinking Water Installation mechanical contracting firm

Rain Water Installation mechanical contracting firm

Clean Water Installation mechanical contracting firm

Mechanical Heating Installation

Applied Heating Installations

Steam Plants commitment

FanCoilli Heating Installations commitment

Air Duct Heating Installations commitment

Angry Water Systems commitment

Convector Heating Installations commitment

Radiator Heating Installations commitment

Radiant (Radiant) Heating Installations commitment

Hot Water Systems commitment

Split Air Conditioned Heating Installations commitment

VRV / VRF Heating Installations commitment

Underfloor Heating Installations commitment

Mechanical Cooling Installation

FanCoilli Cooling Installation mechanical

Air Duct Cooling System mechanical

Comfort Applications mechanical

Process Installation mechanical

Split Air Conditioned Refrigeration System mechanical

Cold Room Installation and Installation mechanical

Vrv / Vrf Cooling Installation mechanical

Precision Air Conditioner Mechanical

Mechanical Fire Installation

Gas Fire Extinguishing Systems mechanical commitment

Hydrant Installation mechanical commitment

Chemical Extinguishing Installation mechanical commitment

Foam extinguishing Installation mechanical commitment

Dry Chemical Extinguishing Systems mechanical commitment

Sprink Plumbing mechanical commitment

Water Fire Extinguishing Systems mechanical commitment

Fire Cabinet Installation mechanical commitment

Mechanical Industrial Installation

mechanical commitment Compressed Air Installation

mechanical commitment Pressure Oil Fitted

mechanical contracting Steam Installation

mechanical commitment Hot Oil Installation

mechanical commitment

mechanical commitment

Humidification and Dehumidification Systems

mechanical commitment Air Duct Humidification and Dehumidification Systems

mechanical commitment Water Spray Humidification Systems, mechanical contracting

mechanical commitment Steam Spray Humidification Systems mechanical commitment Portable Dehumidification Systems Mechanical Natural Gas Installation In-Flat Installation mechanical commitment Column Installation Gazdaş Road Installations mechanical commitment High Capacity Industrial Installations mechanical commitment Mechanical Treatment Softening Systems Water Filtering System Water Softening System Ultraviolet Sterilization System Sea Water Treatment System Dosing System Other Industrial Systems Mechanical Ventilation and Exhaust Installation Ventilation Installation with Aspirator mechanical commitment Industrial Ventilation Systems mechanical commitment Domestic Comfort Applications mechanical commitment Air Duct Ventilation Installation mechanical commitment Stair Pressurization system mechanical commitment Parking Exhaust Installation mechanical commitment Shelter ventilation system mechanical commitment, plumbing engineering,  mechanical contracting  

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