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Revit Project Company

Revit means that It is a design program developed by Revit Autodesk that can be modeled in 3D.

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istanbul Electric Strong Current Installation Low Voltage and Medium Voltage Installation, Low Voltage Boards (MCC, Compensation, automatic control, BusBar Energy Distribution Systems, Energy Permission Certificate Supply and Electricity Administration Acceptance Works, Cable Transport Systems, REVIT, Uninterrupted Power Supply (UPS) Systems, Medium Voltage Cells , Socket and Lighting Installation, Earthing and Lightning Protection, Transformer and Generator Works Marmara Region Electric Weak Current Installation Acces Control Security Systems (Card Pass) Emergency Announcement Systems, CO Gas Detection Systems, Data and Telephone Systems, CCTV (Closed Circuit Television) Image Monitoring and Recording Systems, SMATV and IPTV Systems, Music Broadcast System, Network Systems, Parking Routing Systems, Signalization Systems, REVIT, Turnstile and Finger Reader Systems, Fire Alarm Systems 

Electrical Revit Drawing Companies

COMPANIES Electric Strong Current Installation Revit

Low Voltage and Medium Voltage Installation Revit 

Low Voltage Panels (MCC, Compensation, automatic control) Revit 

BusBar Energy Distribution Systems Revit 

Energy Permit Certificate Supply and Electricity Administration Acceptance Works Revit 

Cable Transport Systems Revit 

Uninterruptible Power Supply (UPS) Systems Revit 

Medium Voltage Cells Revit 

Socket and Lighting Installation Revit 

Grounding and Lightning Protection Revit 

Transformer and Generator Works Revit 

COMPANY Electric Weak Current Installation Revit 

Acces Control Security Systems (Card Pass) Revit 

Voice Alarm Systems Revit 

CO Gas Detection Systems Revit 

Data and Telephone Systems Revit 

CCTV (Closed Circuit Television) Image Monitoring and Recording Systems Revit 

SMATV and IPTV Systems Revit 

Music Broadcast System Revit 

Network Systems Revit 

Parking Guidance Systems Revit 

Signaling Systems Revit 

Turnstile and Finger Reader Systems Revit 

Fire Alarm Systems Revit 

ELEKTRİK Automation Contracting Revit 

Mechanical Automation Works Revit 

Lighting Automation Works Revit 

Remote meter reading systems Revit 

Scada and Energy Monitoring Systems Revit 

Conventional Control Systems Revit 

Cascade Systems Revit 

Building Automation Systems Revit 

Telephone Assisted Control Systems Revit 

Our Revit BIM services include:
-AutoCAD Revit Conversion
-Construction Document Set using Revit software
-3D Revit Model Development
-Transfer from AutoCAD to BIM
-Convert PDF Drawings into 3D Revit
-Revit Structural Drafting Services
-Structural Revit Model for Clash Detection
-Revit MEP Drafting Services
-Revit MEP Model Design 

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